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Noé Moreno

Programación y Sistemas

Especializado en programación a medida, amante del open source y entusiasta del saber....

Whether you are using a desktop, notebook, or tablet, the best applications for work can make your life easier. Some of the best applications are free, while other people are paid. All are great tools to help you be productive.

Slack is the first choice communication tool for many businesses. It has a modern interface and integrates with other popular production apps. You can generate custom podcasting playlists, and it offers notifications when new episodes drop. You can also organize clubs into channels. It’s the to keep everybody in the loop.

Carry is a great program for notes and checklists. It has a simple business system and allows you to add sketches and code blocks. You can even store the files in Dropbox. It is also a good choice minus much internet connectivity.

iA Writer is an excellent option for any individual exactly who uses a great iPad. It features wonderful tools designed for highlighting, Night mode, and a preview of your finished job. It also shops your documents in iCloud. It also comes with a keyboard that can be custom-made. It’s also suitable for Microsoft Office.

Calm can be a no cost app for meditation. It gives short guided meditation instruction that concentrate on stress decrease and rest improvement. The treatments are three to 25 minutes longer. It also features 30 relaxing nature sounds. There are also programs for longer meditation challenges.

Memrise is a language learning app. That features much more than 50, 500 video clips and audio clips of local speakers. It also has language and gestures features. It could available in over 20 languages.

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