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Microsoft is clearly taking some inspiration from Android and macOS with respect to design. This can also be seen in the Notification Centre which no longer has its own icon. This looks really well done and fits perfectly into the vision of Windows 11.

  • You can also create video from images, even talking and drawing over a series of screenshots to create short videos of Gifs.
  • Window snip takes a screenshot of your active window with one easy click.
  • He was promoted to Senior Editor, and then to Lead Editor of Reviews.

Thunderbird 102 is loaded with highly-requested features, and we think you’ll be delighted by them. With Add-ons (Extensions & Themes) and many more features you can change the look and feel of Thunderbird in an instant. Bear in mind that how much RAM your system supports, along with the type and speed, will depend on your motherboard. Consult your PC/motherboard manual, or, if your PC was manufactured by an OEM, use a system checker such as the one found onCrucial.comto find out what RAM is compatible with your system.

STAR: Brave’s New System for Privacy-Preserving Data Collection

Because a picture paints a thousand words, it’s only natural that an image can help you explain something better than words alone. That’s one of the few reasons why people take screenshots on their computers. Press Alt & Print Screen to capture an image of only the active window and store it in the Windows clipboard.

Manually copy your files to a secondary storage device. This way, you will minimize write operations on the storage device, which could further reduce the chances of a successful recovery. Thank You so much Satyeshu Kumar for covering this very complex topic in simple yet informative way.

How to Edit a Word Document on iPhone

This kind of applications come with more advanced features like the ability to add annotation, type texts, crop and adjust the images, record videos, share the pictures, and much more. The simplest way to take a screenshot of your monitor is to Visit Website press the Print Screen key on the keyboard. This action captures an image of the entire screen and copies it to the computer clipboard. Once in the clipboard, paste that screenshot in Microsoft Paint, another image editor, Microsoft Word, or any program capable of accepting images. Your screen is now captured and copied to the clipboard.

How to Check If Your PC/Laptop Can Run Windows 11 (PC Health Check for Windows

Windows 11 is more streamlined and easier to navigate with a touchscreen, with bigger touch zones and simpler, rounder menus. In many ways, Windows 11 is more akin to competitors like macOS, Android, and Chrome than ever before — and I think that’s generally a good thing. For more up-to-date details, check out our guide to the latest Windows 11 problems and fixes. And at select third-party retailers, just like Windows 10. It’s worth noting that while Windows 11 Home requires a Microsoft account and an Internet connection to activate, Windows 11 Pro does not.

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